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when you have the update for presenter cue??

tilldrechsel 3 weeks ago in presenterCue 0

Using IOS 11.2.5



Coln 4 months ago in presenterCue • updated by Nominari (Staff) 4 months ago 3

Looks like a great product but very difficult UI, and no simple instructional support.  I'm sure you would sell more if you gave simple visual communication


Apple TV client

Robert Johnson 1 year ago in presenterCue • updated by blippio 6 months ago 3

I would like to see in addition to the software they could use a Apple TV as the client


Autostart Presets

Nominari (Staff) 1 year ago in presenterCue • updated 6 months ago 2

Hello from France,

is there a possibility with Presenter Cue to automatically chain speaker



Show Overdue automatically

Nominari (Staff) 3 years ago in presenterCue • updated 6 months ago 2
When the countdown has finished - automatically show the "overdue" in the countdown display. 
-> setting for the user to enable / disable this function