How can i copy or archive my presets ?

presenterCue V1.5 and up

have a look at the menu bar of presenterCue Server - you will find an "Export…" and "Import…" option in the "File" menu.

prior presenterCue V1.5

Your settings are automatically stored, while typing. If you want to save them for later use, just go to ~/Library/Containers/com.nominari.presenterCueServer/Data/Library/Application Support/presenterCue/

The folder with the highest version number will contain all the information you need.
You'll need primarily the "messages.plist" and the "speakers.plist". Those contain the configuration of your message buttons as well as the timer presets.

These files will be updated on runtime - that's the reason why you cannot find a "save" button anywhere. If you want to prepare a show, just configure your presets on your computer (event with the free version) and replace the ones with yours on the machine you're using on-site.

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