Release Notes / Download

instantCue V 1.1 beta (build 13442)   Download

  • small graphical change in the individual module "aktuelle Spiele" 

instantCue V 1.1 beta (build 13434) Download

  • added additional control for the individual module "aktuelle Spiele" (FIN)

instantCue V 1.1 beta (build 13420) Download

  • Implemented iBeacon support with iPad remote.
  • Extended xml support for the individual module "aktuelle Spiele"
    (ability to change the "CURRENTSTATUS" tag on runtime)
  • Implemented the CMD-X shortcut for "cut" in addition to copy / paste

instantCue V 1.1 beta (build 13323)  Download

  • custom module "Aktuelle Spiele" - fixed
  • custom module "Spielerstatistik" - fixed.
  • standard UDP module - fixed. 
  • folders are not correctly consolidated - fixed.
  • Cue Buttons now showing the selected leading output
  • Cue Buttons now indicating the "skip on autoplay" option
  • Black-Out Button to reset all running cues, both background and foreground cue
  • linked (not conolidated) files are now "soft-linked" … as long as they are somewhere in the users directory (e.g. Desktop or Documents). This makes it quite easy to move a show from one system to another without the need to consolidate. The media files need to be copied manually to the same user destination directory as they were on the source system. For example: On System A a folder "Mediafiles" on the Desktop is linked against a cue. The project is copied to System B without consolidating the project. The folder "Mediafiles" is also copied to the Desktop on System B. instantCue will search the media files on System A and System B in ~/Desktop/Mediafiles - which is basically the Desktop of the current user.
  • Added iPad Remote (not yet released) which is able to control multiple instantCue Systems.
  • Completely renewed network communication with the iPad Remote to improve communication and reliability.
  • completely renewed consolidate system. The media folders for each cue and set within the project bundle are saved with the corresponding Cue/Set ID. Each output has a subfolder, whereas the notes folder is named with "0" (zero) - all other outputs are named with their output number
  • Some minor changes for button labels, options and so on.
  • The last selected instead of  Background 1 will automatically be shown when instantCue starts the last project automatically.

instantCue V 1.1 beta (build 12859)  Download

  • System Cache overflow when opening different projects without closing instantCue - fixed
  • Deleted Softkey Sets re-appeared next time the project was opened - fixed.
  • The text module shows now default values
  • Added an additional "Notes" Output.  Each cue can host now a text file with notes. TXT and RTF (including the text formatting) is supported. 
  • instantCue opens the latest project automatically after a couple of seconds. Background 1 ist automatically selected and the system is "OnAir" by default.
  • Added a new "transition" option for all cues. Each cue can be configured with a move or fade transition. (L/R, R/L, B/T, T/B, Fade). Transition time can be configured in seconds.
  • Added an auto play option for the soft key sets. When active, the soft key set will automatically play one cue after another and - depending on configuration - loop the whole set, when the last cue in that set is reached. 
  • Added "skip cue on auto play" - such a configured cue is ignored by the auto play option for a soft key set.
  • Added Next / Last Buttons to easily trigger the next or the previous cue, starting from the currently running cue. 
  • Added In / Out points to the clip module (fields to enter frames)
  • Added Loop Points to the clip module (fields to enter frames)
  • Added a scaling option to the web module - which automatically scales a website to the size of the output window.

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