How can I move my License from one computer to another?

version 1.4 and up:
make sure you are connected to the internet. Open the license window and click the "deactivate" button on the left hand side. This will deactivate your license on this computer. You'll be able to use it now on another machine.

prior version 1.4:
Just enter a "wrong" license code in the license field of the computer your license is active and press "OK" (best practice is, to change the last digit or letter) While connected to the internet, you license will automatically be deactivated and you can activate it on another computer again.

The installation of the program and your presets is not effected. If you'd like use the license simultaneously on more than one computer (e.g. in a rental environment), please contact out sales team. They will be pleased to send you an offer for site licenses.

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