Can I use more than one server in the same network?


This feature is still under development and still needs some improvement. Feel free to use it and to test it, but please make sure to test it properly before your run a multi server setup in a productive environment.

The latest public beta supports multiple server in the same network. (Available here: Download )

Please change the Server ID in the network preferences of presenterCue on both - server and client - accordingly and restart the applications. 

Please keep also in mind, that you cannot run two instances of presenterCue Server or presenterCue client at the same time on the same computer. So if you want to run 2 systems in the same network you'd need at least 1 computer for system A (running server and client configured to Server ID s01 and another computer for system B (running server and client configured to Server ID s02.

You might also need to change the room ID of the client to "r00" to connect the client to the server. This only applies, when you change the serverID from the default value to another. 



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